SMOKA Tomo-e Gozen data archive

** Dear SMOKA users **

This system provides Tomo-e Gozen all-sky survey stacked data.
For other data please visit to Tomo-e Gozen official page .

OPEN 2021.11.01

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About this system

Tomo-e Gozen Overview

How to use this system

User Registration
You need to register if you wish to retrieve FITS data.
For registration, SMOKA system is used.
If you have SMOKA account already, it is not necessary to register again.

Data Search and Request
Pinpoint Search ( --> frame list ) : searching frames based on the search coordinates

Rough Search ( --> shot list ) : searching shots based on the search coordinates

Calendar Search ( --> shot list ) : searching shots from a calendar (observation date) with weather data
Please be sure to acknowledge the use of archive data in your publications.
o SMOKA Science Archive ( SMOKA )
o Photographic Plates Archive (Kiso Schmidt Plates)
o SkyMonitor Imaging Data Service System (OZSKYMON; Japanese Only)